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With the help of a sieve shaker, mix 30 g of powder in 300 ml of water or fruit juice or other. Consume the solution thus obtained during the day. Do not exceed use, remember the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Net weight: 750 g

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How to use

Con l'aiuto di una shaker dotato di setaccio, mescolare 30 g di polvere in 300 ml di acqua o succo di frutta o altro. Consumare la soluzione così ottenuta nell'arco della giornata. Non eccedere nell’uso, si ricorda l’importanza di una dieta varia ed equilibrata e uno stile di vita sano.

Conservation methods

Keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place, away from light and / or heat sources. The minimum conservation term refers to the product correctly stored, in unopened packaging.

How to use
* After preparation, the solution should be consumed on the day of use
Nutritional values
Nutritional informationFor 100gFor portion
Energy value1777,0 kJ - 421,0 kcal711,0 kJ - 168,0 kcal
Fat8,8 g2,6 g
of which satured2,3 g0,7 g
Carbohydrate3,7 g1,1 g
of which sugars0,4 g0,1g
Fiber3,5 g1,05 g
Proteins80,0 g24,0 g
Salt2,82 g0,85 g
Nutritional information (**BCAA):For 100gFor portion = 40g
Aspartic acid9,89 g2,97 g
Glutamic acid13,27 g3,98 g
Alanin3,74 g1,12 g
Arginin8,30 g2,49 g
Cystine1,18 g0,35 g
Phenylalanine *4,79 g1,44 g
Glycine1,45 g0,44 g
Proline0,10 g0,04 g
ISOLEUCINE */**1,32 g0,40 g
LEUCINE */**6,24 g0,84 g
Histidine2,80 g0,56 g
Lisine *5,30 g1,59 g
Methionine *0,20 g0,66 g
Proline3,25 g2,02 g
Serine4,70 g1,41 g
Tyrosine2,14 g0,64 g
Threonine *2,55 g0,77 g
Tryptophan *0,92 g0,28 g
VALINE */**3,71 g1,11 g
*  % Nutrient Reference Values NRV (adults) pursuant to the EU Reg. n.1169/2011
** Values indicated for the purpose of Osmolality
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